Sara Buzze Stockdale, Fined $25,000 by NASD

Our criminal investigation into Sara B Stockdale is thorough and detailed. you can rest assured that we'll work our hardest to uncover the facts and evidence And because we understand how sensitive our work is, we pledge to use our discretion from start to finish

Lizabeth Bramley, formally Stockdale 

Daughter and co conspirator of Sara Stockdale.



Rachelle Langley

​The wife and business partner of Giuseppe Pino Baldassarre



I am sure by now Sara B Stockdale has convinced all her friends, colleagues and lovers of her innocence, pleading that she is being persecuted by her husband and seeking sympathy and support making out she is a pathetic little fifties housewife. So who is the real Sara Buzze Stockdale? You may never know the real Sara unless you become her next victim, as countless companies, investors and individuals will testify. For over 35 years she has exercised her skills to persuade, lure entice or seduce her victims into false sense of trust. Once her victim has been targeted, she exercisers a tremendous amount of self-discipline, determination and time to manipulate her target into her desired mind-set. Sara is absence of conscience, she somehow is able to negate any sense of conscience, and she only cares about fulfilling her own immediate needs and desires. She demonstrates selfishness and egocentricity to the extreme, everything and everybody else are viewed as objects to be used in achieving her goals, with the objective of fulfilling her own needs and desires. And those features are especially amplified as she portrays herself as sincere and caring.   Sex is just a weapon for Sara. She has a lack of empathy and other cognitive deficits which prevent her experiencing” real" feelings. She is cold in a very deep sense of this word. She needs to "play love" which is in reality she is unable to experience. But "technically" she can be extremely seductive as she is a masters of imitation, perfect actresses, who has intuitive understanding of her "craft". She will seem very loving and capable of intimacy and will pretend to care. However, the intimacy, depth and commitment is an illusion. They merely enable her to collect what she wants. She also appears so wonderful, sweet and demure, as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Of course, she is a chameleon, capable of becoming exactly who her victim needs her to be.

Michael Fefidio

​Previous Director and shareholder of IDS Systems, Inc. The company was incorporated in Florida fourteen years ago and is no longer active.

In The News

The following pages will describe how Sara Stockdale. Michael Fufidio. Rachelle Langley and. Giuseppe Baldassarre. Did conspire to steal money for their collective benefit. The scheme was managed by Giuseppe Baldassarre. It will also identify the fact that Michael Fufidio and Giuseppe Baldassarre did commit perjury in the trial of the United States against Giuseppe Baldassarre . The FBI and SEC supplied the supporting documentation, during the discovery process.  All documents will be posted along with discussions around the salient points. To show there is no editorial enhancement we will post the transcripts of the evidence given under oath by Giuseppe Baldassarre and  Michael Fufidio, and copies of bank statements and brokerage accounts.

About Sara B Stockdale: Criminal investigation

About Sara B Stockdale  

Criminal Investigation, Criminal Bureau

Sara Buzze Stockdale: Habitual Liar and Thief

Sara Stockdale (Registered Broker Principal, Fort Worth, Texas) submitted an Offer of Settlement pursuant to which she was fined $25,000, barred from association with any NASD member in a principal capacity, and suspended from association with any NASD member in any capacity for three months. Without admitting or denying the allegations, Sharpe consented to the described sanctions and to the entry of findings that she engaged in sales of unregistered securities to retail customers and failed to maintain copies of public customers' mutual fund account statements. The NASD also found that Sharpe failed to adequately supervise the activities of her member firm's employees and associated persons by failing to perform a periodic review of mutual fund customer accounts, failing to review wire order mutual fund transactions, and failing to perform a periodic review of customer accounts cleared on a fully disclosed basis. The findings stated that Sharpe submitted an inaccurate Form BD amendment to the SEC, failed to employ and caused to be associated with her member firm a registered limited principal financial and operations person or limited principal introducing broker/ dealer financial and operations person. The NASD determined that Sharpe permitted an individual to act and function as the president of her member firm without being qualified as and becoming registered with the NASD as a general securities principal or in other similar principal capacity and without qualifying and registering with the state of Texas as an agent of the firm. In addition, the NASD found that Sharpe failed to respond to an NASD request for information.

About Sara B Stockdale: Criminal Investigation Bureau